What is STEAM and what is it's purpose?

STEAM is an integrated aproach to physical and social SCIENCES, incorporation of TECHNOLOGY, principles of ENGINEERING and design, english language ARTS, application of MATHEMATICS. STEAM is the method of teaching that utilize visual, motor and cognitive load to targetevly solve practical real live problems.

Updated program of education and steam.kz

Updated program of education underlines formative evaluation, at STEAM.KZ projects have been made taking in account the formative evaluation: continuous flow of communication between teacher and children, ongoing correction of workflow for better educational process.


  • STEAM.KZ is the place where every teacher can apply steam in their classes.
  • STEAM.KZ is opportunity to participate in STEAM olympiads
  • STEAM.KZ is the projects from everyday materials
  • STEAM.KZ is development of 4K skills (creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking)
  • How to use STEAM.KZ?


    Version for teachers

    • Projects for all classes
    • In accordance with updated program of education
    • Utilize PBL
    • STEAM technology methodics
    • Ready to go material